v4i Set

The v4i set is an extended group of products in addition to the standard v4i battery pack.
The v4i set includes
1 x v4i 6700mAh battery pack
4 x Adapter cables
10 x Adapters
1 x test led
1 x Multi jack
1 x Wall charger with adapters for Eu, UK, AU and USA
1 x Universal cable
1 x Right angled mini USB cable
1 x iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 cable
1 x Shimano/Son/Novatech and PP+ piggyback adapter set
1 x AA AAA USB battery charger
1 x Protective wallet

2 x DC IN sockets for PP+ dynamo cables, wall and car chargers


On/Off switch

3 x DC OUT



To charge the v4i internal battery from bicycle dynamo
1. Connect the PP+ cable to the hub or bottle dynamo
2. Select either the Nokia 3.5mm  or mini USB adapter
3. Insert the adapter into the end of the PP+ cable
4. Insert the adapter into the Nokia or mini USB DC in socket on in the v4i
5. Begin pedaling, the DC IN led will glow red to show that the internal battery is being charged.

To charge your mobile phone, GPS or other small appliance from  the v4i
1. Select one of the phone charging cables and insert  the appropriate adapter.
2. Connect the cable to any of the DC out sockets on the v4.
3. Insert the adapter into your phone and put the on/off switch to ON
4. The DC OUT led will glow green and your phone will charge
5. When the DC OUT led stops glowing the internal battery is depleted and should be recharged immediately.

To charge the v4i and your phone simultaneously while riding perform both actions at the same time

The v4i has a fuel gauge on the reverse side and you can check the amount of energy in the battery by pressing the red dot firmly. This will activate the led level indicators, the led's go out when you release the pressure on the button.