Shimano Dynamos

Connect the Super-i-Cable to a Shimano hub dynamo

1. Locate the connectors on the side of the dynamo.

2. Take this Splitter from the piggyback set and place it over the connectors of the dynamo.

3. The Splitter will only fit on one way, the first connection to the dynamo my be quite stiff.

4. Push the Splitter as far as possible over the dynamo connectors.

5. Complete the process by fitting your cable over the spade connectors on the Splitter.

6. The Super-i-Cable has two female spade connectors at the end of the cable. Simply push these over the hub connectors.

Important Notice

When connecting the Super-i-Cable, the Universal Cable or the Universal-i-Cable to an AC hub dynamo, you can attach the two wires of the cable to either connector on the dynamo, it does not matter.