Spade Connectors

Attach the piggyback connectors to cables

1. Strip the outer insulation of the cable to 40mm, then strip the inner wires of the cable to 10mm.

2. Twist the bared wire and double the wire over. Place the rubber covers over the wire.

3. Crimp the wire in both channels of the connector, ensure that only the wire is crimped.

4. Crimp the insulated part of the wire in the back part of the connector.

Important Notice
  • When performing the first crimping ensure that a good connection is made to the wire of the cable.
  • When performing the second crimping ensure the plastic of the wire is firmly held in the crimp. Slide the rubber sleeves over the connectors to complete the procedure.
  • If using additional heat shrink insulation on the cables this should be performed at step 2, it may also be used instead of the rubber sleeves.